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We go back to the year 1932. Fritz Rhyner-Perret is underway in Ennetbühls, visiting his clients on his motorbike with sidecar. He is the founder of the electrical installation company Elektro Rhyner. His son, Fritz Rhyner-Häusler, successfully completes his apprenticeship in the parental business and leads the company together with his father through rough times during the Second World War.
The success story begins...

1974 - shortly after grandfather Rhyner-Perets' death, the third Rhyner-Generation takes the helm as Fritz Rhyner-Reumer takes over the companys' destinies. The premises in Ennetbühls soon became too small for the fast-growing and successful business. The place of business is relocated to Glarus, where the company and its clients benefit from larger storagerooms and workshops located at Nordstrasse. 
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modern and appropriate area

1983 the collective firm is converted into a stock company. One year later, the family Rhyner-Reumer migrates into their own office- and residental building on Buchholzstrasse. Here, the business can execute even more efficient services, thanks to large storagerooms and practically furnished bureau. In addition, the company realises their own switchbord construction which allows them to rapidly produce more intricate and customized installations  In order to cope with the ever-growing number of clients, the vehicle fleet is extended and equipped with the necessary tools and instruments, to enable a fast and satisfying service on-site.


1991 Fritz Rhyner-Häusler well-deservedly retires. Ever since, his son Fritz Rhyner-Reumer manages the business together with his wife Ruth. Representing the fourth generation, Patrik Rhyner is already working for his fathers' company. He is specialist in planning and engineering. Computer-assisted drawing programmes enable a universal application in all the sectors like plant construction, electrical technology and architecture. Today, this computer-aided type of planning has become indispensable for competitive performance. Since 2003, Patrik Rhyner-Marini runs the business in fourth generation. 
The company Elektro Rhyner is currently the only one in the region, which performs electrical engineering, while also providing automation- and plant construction. Even if times changed in the field of electrical engineering in recent years, the aspiration of the company Elektro Rhyner remains unchanged, namely to unfailingly provide a proper and reliable service.
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The company Elektro Rhyner remains true to its vision:

«We're here for our clients!» 

This is where we gain our ideas for further development of our solutions.

This is how we manage to bring constant new innovations to market. 
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