Technical Facilities & Electrical Installations

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Technical Facilities

Distribution Boards and Electronic Controls:
In our plant engineering, we manufacture type-tested and partially type-tested switchgear assemblies and control systems.
   - low-voltage plants for homes or commercial buildings 
   - electronic control units for heating and ventilation systems
   - reconstruction of already existing plants
   - empty housings according to our customers' requirements 

The construction programme of the company WISAR helps us to provide a great flexibility in shape and size of distribution boards. For bigger plants, we source aluminium- or steel cabinets from various manufacturers which do not allow any customers' wishes in terms of colour, size and degree of protection.

Repair center for plants, controls, as well as luminaires and lamps in various structural shapes.

Engravings on flat surfaces on coloured, double-layered plastic or aluminium. 
- doorbell panels
- warning signs and information plates 
- inscription labels and stripes for switchgears

Technical Facilities

Electrical Installations

From planning/consultation to commissioning your personal electrical system, we provide our professional skills and our comprehensive expertise. The use of high-quality products with optimal price-performance ratio is very important to us. We are convinced: Only if we get the best out of our work for our costumers, long-term partnerships can arise from first orders.

You can find some of our work performed under "references".
Telecommunications and EDP Telephone connection 
- telephone systems with network connection
- generic cabling system 
- home automation system (SmartHome) with KNX (EIB)
- intercom system
Low-voltage Installations
- single- and multi-family houses
- industrial buildings
- commercial buildings
- agricultural operations
- worksite power distribution
Electrical Installations
Image and Sound 
- satellite systems for radio and television (DVB-S)
- internet
- computer networks
- alarm systems
- access systems

Solar panels

The future of power generation
Have you ever thought of your own solar system? 100 years ago still unimaginable, but today in feasible reach: A sustainable and independent energy supply. ERAG – the right partner by your side. From optimal storage technology up to subsidies for your own solar system: We want to hear your questions and help you to fulfil your needs. As we are full-service providers and general contractor in the field of solar systems, we organise all the necessary steps for you. We undertake all planning measures, coordinations of craftsmen and maintenance of your system.
All we need from you, is your "Go'! It's that easy.

Our service for your individual solar system:

- planning, execution, control
- yield calculation
- feasibility studies
- monitoring, surveillance
- permits, ESTI, EW, community, etc.
- application Swissgrid
- project proposals
- coordination roofers, scaffolder usw.

Solar panels
We are certified Fronius Partners. We rely on Fronius power inverter and energy storage.
logo fronius
For consisting systems, we provide appropriate storage solutions as we are certified Varta Partners.
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Your single-family house becomes a Smart-Home

With a single swipe over your smartphone, your living rooms starts to darken slowly, the speakers start playing your favourite music and the heating systems receives the command to raise the temperature. That's how easy it could be, to feel home.
The list of possibilities of how you can smartly control your home is very long. Speak to our experienced Smart-Home professionals. We help you to find your custom-made solution.
Your industry under control at any time 

Do you know the feeling of not remembering if your alarm system is on when you have left your house? With our building automation solutions you control your alarm system at any time. You can access, check and control your heating or ventilation, locking systems or video from anywhere you want. That is not just practical, but also comes in handy when it comes to the smart use of resources. Cost-saving has never been more comfortable. We can bring all the systems you need on one surface easy to handle and match them with your preferences and demands.
smart home

Overview Building Automation System
- alarm systems
- video
- network
- home automation
- charging station electric vehicle
- solar panels
- heating, ventilation, air conditioning
- facility management

and many more...
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